The stones are available in a broad range of materials, including but not limited to, quartz, sandstone, and bluestone. This form of paving is extensively used for exterior and interior paving applications. Homeowners use it for driveways, walkways, patio, deck, and around the fireplace wall. As mentioned before, crazy paving gives a traditional touch to your home. This means it is mainly suitable for retro-style homes. However, homeowners with modern-style homes can also invest in crazy pavers. It helps you add a traditional touch to your home. On that note, let’s take a look at the easiest DIY steps for laying crazy pavers in your home.

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Mark the Paving Area

Once you have chosen the area that needs to be paved with crazy pavers, the next step is to mark this section. What materials you choose to mark the area doesn’t really matter. You could lay sand, use the garden hose, and spray some bright color. This stage will help you figure out the total area you are planning to pave and the total stones needed for effective installation. If you are planning to install crazy pavers on a patio, then mark the area and place a couple of exterior furniture pieces and plants to see if everything fits inside the selected area.

Start with Digging

The durability of the paving will be determined by the base. You can’t just lat the crazy pavers on the floor. You are going to need to dig to remove the topsoil and create a strong base that will support the crazy pavers for years. The depth of the base depends on the thickness and size of the stones. In general, you should aim to dig 225 mm. You can increase the depth if it seems inadequate to create a stable and robust paving base. If the temperature in your area remains below freezing throughout the year, then you need to dig as deep as possible for a solid foundation.

Clean the Area

Before you get started with the base, make sure the area is cleaned properly. You could use warm water and soap solution to clean the space. Alternatively, a cleaning detergent works wonders. No need to rub the space. Just basic cleaning will do. The main purpose of cleaning is to prep the surface for stone installation.

Set up a Base

Creating a foundation for crazy pavers is a simple process. Just like how you would lay sand and gravels to form a base in concrete paving, you will have to use the same technique to create a strong base. Make sure you level the base with a roller to prepare it for paving. Besides, it is important to use the mortar so that the stone will remain in place for years. The stronger the base you build, the longer it tends to last

Arrange the Stones

Before you start to lay the stones, arrange them together to see how well they fit. You might need to make certain adjustments to ensure that each paver looks stunning when laid. Now that you are using the crazy pavers, you will have several uneven pieces of stones. Crazy paving does not mean you can arrange these stones in any random style, though it won’t look that bed. The crazy pavers will look like a jigsaw puzzle when arranged together. Make sure you start with the bigger pieces. You can move to the smaller ones as soon as you are done arranging the larger slabs. You may need to fill the gaps with some small-sized and trimmed stone for a perfect look. You could stick the crazy pavers to a concrete slab. If that’s not possible, then you are going to need to create a base for an effective installation. Tip: If you want a natural and organic feel, then do not align the pavers. Try to arrange the crazy pavers in a free-form way. Pavers organized in a straight line might look consistent, but they don’t give an organic touch to your floor.

Seal the Area

Once you are done paving the area, make sure you seal it with a high-quality sealant. Even traditional pavers need a sealant to resist liquid spills and other stains. You could buy a sealant from the local hardware store or order it online. The simple DIY steps will help you seal the paved area. You could hire a professional for effective sealing or do it on your own. Either way, your patio, and other paved space will need a proper sealing. It will not only protect the surface from unwanted stains, but a sealant can extend the lifespan of your crazy pavers.


Crazy paving is the best option if you are looking for a modern and stylish look for your pavers. They are recently gaining popularity among Australian Homeowners because of there crazy, random and mesmerising look. The most popular crazy paving natural stone is bluestone, sandstone and quartz. However, there are people who prefers other stone tiles style based on there colour preferences that match the styling of their home. If you are based in Melbourne, Sydney, Canberra, Adelaide, Brisbane, Hobart, Geelong or anywhere in Australia and looking for crazy pavers then there is no better place than CRAZY PAVING AUSTRALIA. We offer great quality crazy paving for the cheapest prices in the market. We provide express posted FREE SAMPLES + FREE STONEMASON ADVICE + Door-to-door Delivery Australia-wide. You are just a phone call away from all the DISCOUNTS we have to offer. Call us today on (03) 97069767 and get a FREE Quote on your pavers. Get some laying ideas from our stunning collection of crazy paving gallery. Simply contact us and get your FREE Samples delivered at your doorstep.

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