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What Type of Natural Stones can be laid as Crazy Pavers?

“Bluestone Crazy Paving on Wall Pillars” 

As the name suggests, crazy paving refers to the flooring pattern in which different types and sizes of stones are laid together. The size of the crazy pavers is not consistent. These stones are not laid in a consistent form. Usually, homeowners do not arrange them in a straight line. That’s the specialty of the crazy pavers. The material is extensively used for flooring, wall cladding, and other such functions.

Crazy paving looks a little traditional. In fact, it is widely found in retro-style homes. It looks random and timeless. You could also enhance or darken the color of the natural pavers by applying a sealant. Since the stones are available in random colors and sizes, you don’t need to trim or shape the stones. They are applied in their most natural form.  Now, crazy pavers are available in different types and colors. Let’s take a look at the best natural stones that can be laid as crazy pavers.


Bluestone features a wonderful combination of sand and other natural elements that result in grey and dark blue colors. The stone is named after its bright blue color. Bluestone is extensively used in pool coping. The material is installed around the pool. Fortunately, that is not the only use of bluestone.

This natural stone can be used for multiple applications. Bluestones are commonly used for crazy paving. Bluestone crazy pavers are available in 20mm to 30mm thickness. The anti-slip quality of these materials makes them a perfect fit for all types of outdoor paving applications. You could use them on the driveway, walkway, patio, deck, and around the swimming p


Another common crazy paver stone available on the market is quartz. Owing to their durable and versatile nature, quartz is extensively used in the interior and exterior paving applications. In fact, many homeowners choose quartz paving for a traditional style home. This natural stone could be used for roads paving as well.

Quartz might seem a little thin, but they make a perfect material for all types of paving projects. If you are planning to install crazy pavers in your home, consider adding quartz slabs to your floor and walls. The material is available in 500 mm to 700 mm thickness. It is an ideal option for homeowners who want a hard-wearing and attractive floor. The three main reasons that make quartz the best natural stone for crazy paving are:

  1. The material can resist all weather conditions and harmful chemicals
  2. An ultimate choice for heavy-traffic places and pedestrians
  3. Sturdy natural stone

Of course, you don’t have to use only quartz. Being a versatile natural stone, quartz seems to blend well with other natural stones. That being said, you can combine this natural material with almost any stone you want. The stone is available in silvery grey, pink, red, green, and black colors.


If you are looking for unique and attractive crazy paver stones for your outdoor paving projects, then consider using slate tiles. They are considered an excellent choice for paving applications. The exciting range of colors and hard-wearing properties make Slate tiles quite durable and stunning. You could use this natural stone for indoors and outdoors paving requirements.

Slate is available in a broad range of shapes and patterns. This allows homeowners to combine multiple colors and create a floor that fits their retro-style exterior décor theme. The stone is available in almost all-natural hues. If you want a completely random look, then pick a few interesting colors.


Crazy paving is the ultimate choice for traditional and retro-style homes. The pavers look quite classy and elegant. You don’t have to limit yourself to limestone and sandstones. Crazy pavers come in different materials and colors.

Try to add a combination of a bunch of natural stones for a stunning landscape. Alternatively, you could stick to bluestone or graphite if you want to keep it as minimal as possible. You can install crazy pavers on your own. Watch some DIY paving tutorials and arrange these high-quality pavers on your driveway and patio.


Crazy paving is the best option if you are looking for a modern and stylish look for your pavers. They are recently gaining popularity among Australian Homeowners because of there crazy, random and mesmerising look.

The most popular crazy paving natural stone is bluestone, sandstone and quartz. However, there are people who prefers other stone tiles style based on there colour preferences that match the styling of their home.

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