sandstone crazy paving around a pool

How to lay Crazy Paving

Step by step guide on how to install crazy paving  Laying crazy paving can be a fun and rewarding DIY project, but it’s important to plan carefully and follow the steps properly to ensure a successful outcome. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to lay crazy paving: Step 1: Planning and Preparation Before you start

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Bluestone Crazy Paving

Bluestone Crazy Paving Melbourne’s most popular crazy paving is easily one of our most versatile flagstones, bluestone crazy pavers. Available in a calibrated even thickness of either 20mm of 30mm, making it extremely easier to install by a tiler or the home handy man. With a non slip rating of R11 you are unable to

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sandstone crazy paving used as wall cladding

Sandstone Crazy Paving

Sandstone Crazy Paving Sandstone is one of the most popular choices for paving around swimming pools here in Australia. Apart from sandstone crazy paving having a high non slip rating making it the perfect choice for use as outdoor tiles. These areas are normally expose to rain or pool splashes.  Sandstone crazy paving is also

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Crazy Paving Melbourne Sydney

Pros & Cons of Crazy Pavers

“Bluestone Crazy Paving” Crazy pavers  has become quite popular in Australia and the UK. Like other pavers, crazy pavers can be installed on your driveway, patio, deck, pathway, garden, and stepping stones. The method involves the installation of random-sized natural stones in a free-flow manner. The end result looks quite unique. The pavers are installed

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Crazy Paving Melbourne Sydney

Why Crazy Pavers are so Popular among Australian Homeowners?

The Australian stone markets are known for supplying some high-quality and natural stones. No matter how stunning the man-made stones look, the natural charm and earthy tone of natural stone crazy pavers make them the homeowner’s number one choice. To help make your backyard and exteriors stand out from the neighborhood, the Australian markets offer

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