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All You Need to Know About Crazy Pavers

Crazy pavers are famous for their inconsistent pattern. There is a great amount of variation found in each stone used for crazy paving. That’s the speciality of these natural pavers. If you want your garden to stand out from your neighbours, then crazy paving is your ideal solution.  Besides, crazy paving is one of the cost-effective options for homeowners who want to decorate their driveway and backyard with pavers without crossing the budget. Let’s take a look at the common ways to measure crazy paving.


Measure Crazy Paving


In order to find the total crazy pavers you will need for the job, you will need to measure the space you want to pave and the size of the pavers you are using. If you have selected the pathway, driveway, garden, and other areas that receive regular foot traffic, then it is best to invest in a top-quality sealant to prevent unnecessary stains and marks on the paved surface. A sealant will be purchased separately.

As soon as you have selected the layout, the next step is to measure. First of all, note the measurements of the area you are planning to pave in length, width, and height. You can measure the space in inches and convert it into square meters. This will give you a rough estimate of the total pavers you will need for space. Besides, the accurate measurements will tell you the budget you need for crazy paving. Once you are done with the measurement, move on to the next step.


Lay Crazy Pavers


Crazy paving might sound quite challenging. Well, the installation of these pavers needs special skills. After all, we are not talking about concrete or limestone paving. To describe in simple terms, crazy paving refers to the process of laying the natural stones in a free-flow and random manner. You don’t have to trim these stones or arrange them in a consistent pattern.

“Sandstone Stepping Stones”
“Ebony Black Crazy Paving”

Step 1 – Prepare the Layout 

Crazy pavers are not the regular stones that have the same size and pattern. Due to the variations in the size and shape of each stone, you have to prepare a layout for crazy paving before getting started with the installation process.
Just lay all the slabs on the surface and see how well it covers the area. You will have to adjust the slabs to make them fit the area. Crazy pavers must be arranged like a jigsaw. Never align them in a straight line or use a consistent pattern for crazy paving. You can combine different types of natural stones, but we will suggest you stick to any one type, such as bluestone or limestone.

Step 2 – Create Space for Crazy Paving 

Pavers are not laid on the floor. You are going to need to dig at least 15cm to create enough room for the base. The strong base will support crazy pavers for years. As exhausting as this step sounds, it is extremely important. You can’t lay the pavers directly on the driveway. It will result in an uneven pattern. The remaining space needs to be filled with mortar and gravel. You also have to label the ground.

Step 3- Decide the Gap 

Crazy pavers look the best when a consistent gap is maintained between each stone. Though the pattern shouldn’t look consistent, the area you leave between two stones must be the same for each paver.

Do not worry about the small gaps as they can be filled with a mixture of sand and concrete. Alternatively, you can fit small slabs of the natural stones in the gaps.

Step 4 – Start Laying the Stones 

Once you are done compressing the gravel and setting the mortar, the next step is to start with the installation. You can try “dry laying” to see if each stone fits the area perfectly. If you have already done that in step one, then get started with the laying process. Use a strong adhesive to fit the natural stone crazy pavers on the ground. As mentioned above, you could fill the gap with the leftover mortar. If you have some slabs, try to fit them in the gaps.

Step 5- Seal the Area 

One of the important yet most neglected parts of paving is “sealing”. It doesn’t seem that important to seal the fresh pavers. However, the surface is prone to natural wear as well as damages from liquid spill and weather elements. Once you are done paving the area, buy a high-quality sealant. You can order it online. Sealants are also available in the local hardware stores. You will get it for $50-$100.

The process is quite simple. You can spray the sealant on the pavers and leave it for 24 hours. Once you have sealed the area, you don’t need to invest in chemicals or expensive detergents for regular cleaning. Sealants make your pavers strong enough to endure stains, wear and tear, discoloration, etc.

Follow these steps to measure and lay crazy pavers. There you go! Your garden or driveway is ready for summers. Invite your friends and colleagues and show off your paved area.




Crazy paving is the best option if you are looking for a modern and stylish look for your pavers. They are recently gaining popularity among Australian Homeowners because of there crazy, random and mesmerising look.

The most popular crazy paving natural stone is bluestonesandstone and quartz. However, there are people who prefers other stone tiles style based on there colour preferences that match the styling of their home.

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