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Pros & Cons of Crazy Pavers

“Bluestone Crazy Paving”

Crazy pavers  has become quite popular in Australia and the UK. Like other pavers, crazy pavers can be installed on your driveway, patio, deck, pathway, garden, and stepping stones. The method involves the installation of random-sized natural stones in a free-flow manner. The end result looks quite unique.

The pavers are installed in a manner that they are able to endure foot and vehicle traffic seamlessly, especially if they are installed on the driveway and walkway.  Most homeowners prefer DIY installation tips, while others hire professional contractors to get the job done in an efficient way. Crazy paving comes with its share of benefits and drawbacks.




  • Crazy paving is not a new paving pattern.
  • In fact, it has been around for centuries.
  • Many natural stones were used to pave floors, deck, patio, and other exterior areas in a crazy-paving pattern.
  • This timeless paving pattern has gained immense popularity recently.

Homeowners in Australia prefer crazy paving to decorate their exteriors and enhance the curb appeal of their home.

However, the use of crazy pavers is not confined to residential space. They are also found in commercial buildings.



Some of the major benefits of crazy paving are:

Unique Pattern


Unlike the standard pavers, natural stones’ crazy paving gives a unique finish. You are not supposed to install these pavers in a straight line. Neither do you need to trim or shape these natural stones so that they look consistent. The main goal is to create a random and free-flow pattern that looks unique.

If you don’t want to stick to the typical concrete paving style, then crazy pavers will be your ideal solution. These natural stones allow you to experiment with different types and sizes of materials for paving. You can combine the small and large-sized stones for a stunning finish.


Cost Effective


Crazy pavers include natural stones that are cheaper than concrete and other such man-made pavers. Not only do they look stunning, but these natural pavers are available at a reasonable price tag. Crazy pavers cost around $5 per square foot installation (labor cost excluded). The maximum price per square foot installation is $40.

The cost can vary depending on the paving material you choose. Overall, crazy pavers are pocket-friendly. You can save some bucks by trying DIY installation.



Since you are installing the pavers in your exteriors, it is important to look for an option that is durable and versatile. The stones must withstand all kinds of weather elements. If you are going to install these natural crazy pavers on your patio or driveway, there is a good chance they will stay exposed to the weather 24 hours.

Natural pavers need to be sturdy enough to resist unfavorable weather. Their longevity depends on their weather-resistant abilities. Man-made stones cannot last forever. That’s because they cannot resist UV rays, freezing temperature, and excess moisture. However, natural pavers can last for years without any sign of deterioration.

Aesthetically Pleasing


As mentioned above, crazy pavers include some timeless pieces of natural stones. They might look a little traditional, but they give a natural touch to your exteriors. Crazy pavers are known for their earthy tone. They look aesthetically pleasing given that they are installed right.

If you would like your exteriors to stand out from the neighborhood, then crazy paving is your best option. You could arrange them in almost any unique pattern. Make sure that you fill the gaps between the large slabs with either small pavers or the wet mixture of sand and concrete.


As stunning as crazy pavers look, they come with their share of cons. Let’s take a look at some disadvantages of installing crazy pavers in your exteriors.

Some of the major drawbacks of crazy paving are:

They can deteriorate

  • Crazy pavers are durable.
  • However, they need proper care and maintenance to last for years.
  • Most importantly, the durability and sturdiness of this natural stone will be determines by its installation.
  • These pavers need to be laid properly.
  • If you fail to create a strong foundation (which is supposed to support the pavers), then there is a chance the pavers will become weak. As a result, they will start to deteriorate.

High Labor Costs


Crazy paving is all about the installation. How well your paved surface looks will be determined by its installation. If you manage to lay the pavers correctly, then expect them to look amazing and last for years. Incorrect installation, on the other hand, can result in the premature wear and tear of the slabs. That’s the reason why most homeowners choose to outsource the project to professional contractors.

We have already mentioned that crazy pavers are cheap. However, the labor cost is high. Crazy paving requires a detailed installation and a strong base. DIY methods may or may not work. If you do not have prior experience with paving, then you will end up spending thousands of bucks on the crazy paver installation.

If you hire professional contractors for the job, then be ready to pay almost double the amount you expect.



Crazy paving is the best option if you are looking for a modern and stylish look for your pavers. They are recently gaining popularity among Australian Homeowners because of there crazy, random and mesmerising look.

The most popular crazy paving natural stone is bluestonesandstone and quartz. However, there are people who prefers other stone tiles style based on there colour preferences that match the styling of their home.

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