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We have a wide selection of crazy pavings and stepping stones available. Feel free to browse through our photo gallery for some inspiration.

Crazy Paving Melbourne Sydney

All You Need to Know About Crazy Pavers

Crazy pavers are famous for their inconsistent pattern. There is a great amount of variation found in each stone used for crazy paving. That’s the

Crazy Paving Melbourne Sydney

Pros & Cons of Crazy Pavers

Crazy pavers  has become quite popular in Australia and the UK. Like other pavers, crazy pavers can be installed on your driveway, patio, deck, pathway,

Sandstone Crazy Paving


Crazy paver sare known for the variations in their shapes, sizes, and consistency. Basically, crazy paving involves random pavers being installed on the floor. Crazy

Crazy Paving Cheap Melbourne Sydney

Where to Lay Crazy Pavers?

There are many ways you can lay crazy pavers!   Crazy pavers gets its name from the fact that the paved area looks quite natural

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